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Proper Management Support

As an executive you simply don’t want to worry about the other stuff. You want to get it done with support that clicks with you and helps you forward in your day to day business life, right?

We all experience a firm and growing workload, felt the pressure of people reaching out to us at inconvenient times and we know about fast pace changes in companies that are evolving and transitioning. It generally leads to even more challenges. 

Being able to rely on an experienced executive supporter is half the work already!

Anticipating your needs, memorizing and addressing what needs attention, co-managing  your calendar and filtering everything based on what’s most important. Simply leaving your affairs in order. 

What about signing on a flexibel interim assistant? 

Clients on Proper Plus

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Management Assistant Tax & Treasury a.i. at TNT HQ (Hoofddorp)

Working with Rolinca has been a great pleasure. She has been a immense support and is also fun to work with. What I most appreciate and admire is the tremendous level of hospitality that she displays. Not only to me but also to the colleagues within the department, other colleagues and our visitors. Thank you and well done Rolinca! In addition, she is pro-active, thorough and accurate. She has been a key facilitator in the transition and preparation meetings we have had with FedEx over the last few months.

Bernd HaaksmanDirector Treasury, Insurance/Working Capital at TNT